2022-07-26: Victoria

2022-07-10: 67: Thoughts on training with others Walking on the reserve, after some time away on retreat. Contains geese.

2022-06-11: Preparing for a trip up North I’m on the ridge walk again. I’m trying to get my fitness back ready for a trip up to Throssel. This …

2022-02-24: I wondered where the name for “stent” came from. The images in the wikipedia page on …

2022-02-11: 65: Still here Just a quick message. I’m still here, and I’ll be continuing the podcasts soon.

2021-10-10: 64: Home Back home after a retreat.

2021-10-10: The game’s afoot.

2021-10-06: 5,500 years.

2021-06-23: 63: Unbreakable Birdsong, and the constancy of It.


2021-05-31: 62: Moving, changing Back on the ridge walk, feeling gratitude and potential.


2021-04-18: The lake

2021-03-31: 61: Choice and getting punched in the face Thoughts after listening to a talk by Brad Warner, called The Zen Butterfly Effect

2021-03-25: 60: Just getting on with it Thoughts good habits and simplicity. Contains crows.

2021-03-23: 59: Any Questions? Message me on Twitter if you have any questions or thoughts. I’m @jwelby.

2021-03-22: End of day

2021-03-02: 58: Everything is exactly what it is, all the time. Back at the lake, and thinking about just being.

2021-02-27: Sunset

2021-01-21: 57: Always first steps My first walk for a while. This is about keeping things simple.


2021-01-09: 56: Don’t set up your own standards Thoughts on not rushing to try to correct everything, and how we should trust ourselves.


2020-12-26: 55: Mum My mother died of cancer just before Christmas. Here a few thoughts about her passing.

2020-12-21: My amazing mother died peacefully at 6pm 20 December 2020. I’m so grateful to have spent time …

2020-12-17: As my mother is now on end of life care, I’m able to visit her at the hospital. It’s a hard, hard …

2020-12-11: Sorry about not posting or podcasting for a while. A family member has just been diagnosed with a …

2020-11-28: 54: On greed Back at the lake, talking about greed, including spiritual greed. The podcast I mention is by Brad …

2020-11-23: Misty by the lake today.

2020-11-21: 53: Original Buddha Mind Back on the Ridge walk. Today I talk a little bit about a chapter from the Shobogenzo called …

2020-11-12: Wonderful walk today.

2020-11-04: 52: Staying centred I’m still here. An experiment in recording at home. I’ll be getting back into themed podcasts soon. …

2020-10-17: So many fungi on this walk.

2020-10-13: 51: Let go, again Once again the necessity of letting go in meditation is clear.

2020-10-05: Fresh

2020-10-02: 50: Time Thoughts on time, meditation and the self. I would strongly suggest reading “Uji”, a chapter of …


2020-09-21: 49: There is not a place where Kanzeon does not go A brief podcast from Trafalgar Square. I talk about how compassion is to be found everywhere and in …

2020-09-13: 48: Stepping back How meditation lets us see how we set up our own contexts, and allows us to let them go.

2020-09-06: 47: The possibility of nothing How not doing is just fine.

2020-08-31: 46: Meaning How meditation allows us to let go of undigested assumptions and find peace of mind and deep …

2020-08-23: Sunday morning

2020-08-23: 45: Not too tight, not too slack Keeping effort at the right level. I don’t mention it in the podcast, but the title is a …

2020-08-16: 44: Newton’s Third Law Of Buddhism More on balance and active training.

2020-08-05: 43: Dharma I finally get round to talking about Dharma, and how we can find the capacity to deal with things …

2020-07-31: 42: Push on Just a short one today, about pushing through resistance

2020-07-29: 41: Deep acceptance How sitting still with acceptance is deeply healing. I mention two Dharma talks which I listened to …

2020-07-23: 40: Active training Moving forward in difficulty, with a bright mind.

2020-07-20: 39: All work is Buddha work In the woods, unclear what to talk about, and a thank you.

2020-07-16: 38: More on boldness Scattered thoughts on the boldness of the mind that seeks the Way.

2020-07-15: 37: Stepping through the gate Thoughts on facing our fears and moving forward. The temple I mention is Todaiji in Nara.

2020-07-13: 36: Listening to the silence Finding peace wherever we are.

2020-07-11: 35: Connection A talk about taking refuge in the Sangha. We need to connect.

2020-07-06: 34: Stand up straight How meditation allows us to let go of habits of mind and body.

2020-06-29: Still going.

2020-06-29: 33: Pointing at the Moon Some thoughts on a well known Zen saying - When the teacher points at the Moon, only a fool looks at …

2020-06-23: 32: The experience of the senses Some reflections on our senses as teachers.

2020-06-20: 31: A solstice walk Dusk by the lake, and reflections on perspectives.

2020-06-18: 30: Lockdown as retreat How the last few days have felt like a meditation retreat, and how a retreat often feels.

2020-06-14: 29: Not the comfy chair! Why training to attain ease is ultimately unsatisfactory.

2020-06-12: 28: A Moment’s Pause I talk about one type of representation of the Boddhisatva of compassion, poised in thought.

2020-06-11: 27: The Buddha’s smile A bit of teaching which was passed on to me in my very first introduction to formal meditation. …

2020-06-08: 26: Keeping in touch with stillness The importance of daily meditation.

2020-06-07: 25: Only a Buddha helped by a Buddha Thoughts on teachers and students.

2020-06-04: 24: Start from where you are A simple bit of teaching which cuts through a lot of negativity.

2020-06-04: Shelter

2020-06-04: Fallen

2020-06-02: 23: Tribute to Norman Trewhitt A brief tribute to a friend who died a few days ago. I mention Throssel - that’s Throssel Hole …

2020-05-29: 22: Sacrificial bonfire Change and sacrifice. I talk about an XTC track from their 1986 album, Skylarking.

2020-05-28: 21: Not beginning, not ending Thoughts on emotions and being with others. There is a lot of wind noise on this recording. Sorry …

2020-05-25: Grow

2020-05-25: 20: Not Striving How not striving to become Buddha allows us to make progress in training.

2020-05-24: 19: Letting Go Recorded in a churchyard at the end of today’s walk.

2020-05-22: 18: The uses of the self How different aspects of the self are different aspects of training.

2020-05-20: On the path

2020-05-20: 17: Not setting up standards I’m back by the lake this morning. Today I’m talking about not wasting energy by struggling with …

2020-05-17: 16: Give up everything This talk is on a line from Dogen’s Rules for Meditation. I’m home now, so I can add some …

2020-05-15: 15: Including Everything This is about why I use the include.co.uk domain name for my website, and how including everything …

2020-05-14: 14: Keep Going A different walk today. I needed to exercise my legs so I drove to a nearby place where I could do a …

2020-05-13: 13: A Fine Idea at the Time Half asleep. Still going.

2020-05-12: 12: Being Somewhere Thoughts on how it is to be in any particular place.

2020-05-10: 11: Skepticism Why, done properly, it’s a good thing.

2020-05-09: 10: Jump In No. Not the lake.

2020-05-08: 9: Know Thyself Sounds heavy. Need not be.

2020-05-07: 8: Amidst the Myriad Mountains This recording is with a different recording device, so it’s in stereo and has generally …

2020-05-05: 7: Indra’s Net Another podcast on the hoof. This time I talk about Indra’s Net, a reminder that all things are …

2020-05-04: Duvet day I’ve been feeling really tired for the past few days. I’ve kept walking, but I haven’t felt up …

2020-05-01: 6: Clouds and Water Another recording from the lakeside. This one is about how unsui - the term used for a novice Zen …

2020-04-30: 5: Send Help Another podcast from next to the lake. Or it may have been in the lake. The boundary got kind fuzzy …

2020-04-29: 4: Being Awake To Ourselves And The Needs Of The Moment Another podcast recorded and posted on the hoof. This one is about Right Effort.

2020-04-28: 3: Take The Opportunity When It Arises A shorter one today, recorded and published in light rain.

2020-04-26: 2: Do Not Waste Time Another talk made and posted while walking. I mention a particular Buddhist scripture called …

2020-04-18: 1: What Is It Good To Do? I’m on a walk from my house, standing by a lake. I just made a quick one-take recording to try out …

2020-03-24: Buddy - Now in Oz.

2020-03-19: Reserve Walking is good. Seeing a bird with a beakful of nesting material is calming. Life is going on.

2020-03-03: I wanted to recommend this Zen talk. I would say more, but it speaks for itself. It was recommended …

2020-01-11: Thanks, Austin. After reading a post on the blog of the very excellent Austin Kleon, I sat down and started to make …

2019-11-23: The Great Earth

2019-11-03: A couple of years ago an old VW Beetle near me was written off in a crash. On the anniversary of the …

2019-10-14: Edinburgh Buddha

2019-10-14: Somewhere over the Midlands

2019-10-06: Lewis chessmen

2019-09-17: Blue Brutalism

2019-09-03: Temple complex, Yoshino

2019-08-29: Change

2019-08-29: Walk on

2019-07-31: Signal

2019-07-14: Waves

2019-07-06: Neolithic

2019-07-01: “Miracles bring forth miracles. Do not think that miracles sometimes do and sometimes do not happen. …

2019-07-01: Build

2019-07-01: Pass through

2019-06-27: Blocks

2019-06-27: Prism

2019-06-25: Postcard from the Future

2019-06-24: Torso in Metal - Jacob Epstein

2019-06-21: Back again.

2019-06-20: Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.